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Are you Looking to Buy Celebrex (Celecoxib) from OnlineCanadianPharmacy.

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  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), specifically a COX-2 inhibitor.
  • Relieves pain and inflammation, used for arthritis, acute pain, and menstrual pain.
  • Enhances the ability to perform normal daily activities.
  • If treating a chronic condition, consult the doctor about non-drug treatments and alternative medications for pain relief.
  • Works by blocking the enzyme that produces prostaglandins in the body.
  • Reduction in prostaglandins contributes to the alleviation of pain and swelling.


Dosage and administration

  • Read the Medication Guide provided by the pharmacist before starting celecoxib, and with each refill. Direct questions to the doctor or pharmacist.
  • Take orally as directed by the doctor, usually once or twice daily, preferably with food to minimize stomach upset.
  • Dosage depends on medical condition and treatment response. Use the lowest effective dose for the prescribed duration.
  • Take with a full glass of water unless directed otherwise by the doctor.
  • Avoid lying down for at least 10 minutes after taking the medication.
  • For certain conditions like arthritis, it may take up to two weeks of regular use to experience the full benefit.
  • If using on an “as needed” basis, take at the first signs of pain for optimal effectiveness. Delaying may reduce its efficacy.


Side effects

  • Stomach upset or gas may occur; inform the doctor or pharmacist if persistent or worsening.
  • Medication prescribed due to the doctor’s judgment of benefits outweighing risks; many users don’t experience serious side effects.
  • May elevate blood pressure; monitor regularly and report high readings to the doctor.
  • Report immediately to the doctor any severe headache, pain/swelling/warmth in the groin/calf, signs of kidney problems, difficult/painful swallowing, or symptoms of heart failure.
  • Rare but serious liver disease may occur; seek medical help for symptoms like persistent nausea/vomiting, loss of appetite, dark urine, severe stomach/abdominal pain, yellowing eyes/skin.
  • Very serious allergic reactions are rare; seek immediate medical help for symptoms like fever, swollen lymph nodes, rash, itching/swelling (especially face/tongue/throat), severe dizziness, trouble breathing.
  • Not an exhaustive list of possible side effects; contact the doctor or pharmacist for any unlisted effects.



  • Before taking celecoxib, inform the doctor/pharmacist of allergies to it, aspirin, other NSAIDs, or COX-2 inhibitors. Check with the pharmacist for inactive ingredients.
  • Share medical history, especially asthma, liver disease, stomach/intestine/esophagus issues, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, blood disorders, and nasal polyps.
  • Kidney problems may arise, especially if dehydrated, have heart failure, kidney disease, are an older adult, or take specific medications; stay hydrated and report changes in urine to the doctor.
  • Potential for stomach bleeding; alcohol and tobacco use, especially combined with the medicine, may increase the risk; limit consumption and consult the doctor or pharmacist.
  • Inform the doctor or dentist about all products used, including prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs, and herbal products, before surgery.
  • Older adults may have a higher risk of stomach/intestinal bleeding, kidney problems, heart attack, and stroke.
  • Caution with systemic onset juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in children due to an increased risk of serious bleeding/clotting problems.
  • Women of childbearing age should discuss benefits and risks with their doctor. Inform the doctor if pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Not recommended after 30 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Medication passes into breast milk; consult the doctor before breastfeeding.

Buy Celebrex at Online Canadian Pharmacy.

Additional information

Brand Name:


Scientific Name:


Other Names:

Celebrex, Celecoxib, Cobix


100mg, 200mg

Quantities Available:

30, 60, 90, 100, 120



All product content included on is for information only. Please note that it is not a replacement for your individual professional medical care or advice. Always remember to speak with a qualified health professional before taking any prescription or non prescription medication.

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