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Prescription Required

Manufacturer : Glaxo Smith Kline
Formulation : Inhaler

Products Dosage Quantity Price
Ventolin 100mcg 200ds Inhaler $49.49 Add to Cart
Ventolin 100mcg 600ds Inhaler $127.26 Add to Cart
Ventolin 100mcg 800ds Inhaler $164.63 Add to Cart

(Generic alternative to Ventolin)

Prescription Required

Manufacturer : Cipla
Formulation : Inhaler

Products Dosage Quantity Price
Salbutamol 100mcg 200ds Inhaler $31.68 Add to Cart
Salbutamol 100mcg 600ds Inhaler $74.25 Add to Cart

What is Ventolin /Salbutamol used for?

Ventolin is used to prevent bronchospasm in patients with reversible obstructive airway disease.

How should Ventolin /Salbutamol be stored?

Store Ventolin at room temperature away from heat and moisture. On warm days, do not leave this medication in your car.

General information

This medication should only be used by prescribed patient, do not give it to other people. The information provided is advisory only and does not contain all information pertaining to this medication. Talk to your doctor, pharmacist, or health care provider for question about this medication.

How should I take Ventolin/Salbutamol ?

Take this medication exactly as it was prescribed to you by your health care professional. Follow the provided instructions for safe patient use. When using the inhaler for the 1st time, spray 4 test sprays into the air.

When should Ventolin /Salbutamol not be taken?

If you have allergies to any ingredients listed on this medication or have allergies to albutrol. If you are pregnant you should not take this medication as it may be harmful to an unborn baby.

What precautions should I follow when taking Ventolin /Salbutamol ?

If you have heart disease, hypertension, congestive heart failure, diabetes, or an overactive thyroid ask your doctor if this medication is safe for you before using Ventolin. If you have a heart rhythm disorder or a seizure

What special warning(s) should I be aware of when taking Ventolin /Salbutamol ?

Using Ventolin may increase your risk of asthma-related death. Do not get this medication in your eyes. If this occurs, rinse well with water and seek immediate medical attention.

When should Ventolin /Salbutamol not be taken?

Severe: bronchospasm (wheezing, chest tension, difficulty breathing); chest tenderness and quickened, hammering, or irregular heartbeats; nervousness; low potassium; dangerously high blood pressure.

Common: headache, dizziness, nervousness; difficulty sleeping; cough, hoarse voice, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose; dry mouth and throat; muscle pain; or diarrhea.

Other: None.